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In 2016 MECCA was the ORIGINAL city oasis and started the trend you now see today with bars filled with art, plants, colorful lights and affordable drinks specials. Over the years others have popped up, but we stay true to why we started.

We wanted to become the neighborhood spot for an off-the-beaten-path corner of OTR.  We wanted to create a different lifestyle and mindset for both staff and guests. A chill spot, focusing on creativity, connection, and a positive welcoming environment.

mecca : a place regarded as a center for a specified group, activity, or interest (merriam-webster). 

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Joe Creighton has owned and operated restaurants for over sixteen years and lived in Over-the-Rhine for twenty.  With a passionate love for Cincinnati, Joe’s vision has always been to bring people together and create unity. Joe founded The Rookwood in Mt. Adams (2008-2016), Cheapside Cafe (2014-2020), mecca (2016-present) and opened Covalt Station (2022-present) in Old Milford/Terrace Park. 

Robin Creighton graduated from the University of Cincinnati DAAP and began her career as a photographer.  With over 10 years as a professional artist her resume includes commercial/event photography, production, styling, event planning and management. 

You’ll find Joe creating, dreaming, and always working on the next step! While Robin sticks to strategy and the books.